7-button zigbee wall controller - II

  • Posted 17 December 2019


The controllers have arrived!
So whats inside you ask?
Not exactly what the FCC document showed for the MCU board; the mcu board is using a more simplified circuit on the back, and the zigbee module is the Orvibo labeled module (black in the picture).
This is not bad, it actually makes replacing it easier if I go down that road.

The LED's are being drive by an 74HC595D (our very common and favorite multi purpose 8-bit shift register). The buttons are connected directly to the zigbee module.
There appears to be a 5-pin header on the side for programming possibly.
Near the top is the power connections, 3.3v and gnd. They are 3.3v | 3.3v | V- | V- | No Connection

On the other side is the zigbee modulel (removed to check connections).
It has 12 pins on one side, and 5 on the bottom. See the image for pinout specifics.

Pins 2,3 and 5 drive the HC595, and Pins 6-12 are the button switches. I will leave it to the reader to determine which pin is which push button.
I will note that the 0th bit of the HC595 is unused, only bits 1-7 are used for the LEDs; I can only assume since the 0th bit pin on the hc595 is on the opposite side therefore it was easier for routing to simply use the upper 7 bits which are all exposed on the same side.

Onto programming....or maybe not

The chip being used on the ORVIBO module is a CC2530, very common in zigbee devices.
It is commonly found in the Zigbee2mqtt modules used in DIY HA. However it is not one I have programmed for in the past.
Im sure other people could easily write new software for the module, It would take me longer to learn the framework and get it all going instead of simply re-purposing an ESP8266 with some code to talk to MQTT.

Orvibo module has gone into the spare parts bin for now.

The next entry will hopefully be some ESP8266 proof of concept code to handle the push buttons and control the leds.


I know I mentioned this before but remmeber....this scene controller handles the power supply from AC, the enclosure, buttons, lights, pcb and everything else for you for only $14.99 CAD !!!!
A [hopefully] simple module swap and we have a very robust 7-button HA wall controller that is safe and user friendly!


ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH AC VOLTAGES. All my tests where done while powering the MCU module with 3.3v disconnected from the power module.