Replacement OptoIsolated USB-Uart for Daly Smart BMS

  • Posted 21 April 2021

Read on for more details

Dead USB-Uart adapter (CH340G based) for connecting to the Daly Smart BMS taken apart to see why it died.

It seems when the BMS went to sleep and woke up a high voltage may have appeared on the rx/tx lines and fried the chip (did not check/test theory).

Solution: Try an opto-isolated usb-uart

Daly Smart BMS UART/BT Pinout

  • Posted 18 April 2021

This is the pinout from the Daly SMART BMS side.

I needed this pinout to wire up a new opto-isolated usb-uart dongle for my BMS. More details in the next post

7-button zigbee wall controller - III

  • Posted 29 December 2019

Video inside post

Here it is, the first attempt at a replacement module.
All 7 leds are controllable, and all 7 push buttons work as intended.

Luck or good planning? I used up all the pins with no need to re-wire. If you know the esp8266 well, you will know there is a limited amount of gpio and even less of them can be shared/used flexibly as they are shared with other functions such as GPIO-0 to select boot mode. Read further to see the details and some sample code you can try yourself.

7-button zigbee wall controller - II

  • Posted 17 December 2019

They have arrived!
Some things changed compared to the FCC images, for the better. Details on the pins and connections. The MCU is a CC2530 chip (low cost zigbee capable mcu)

7-button zigbee wall controller - I

  • Posted 4 December 2019

Inexpensive 7-button decora sized zigbee wall controller for home automation that can possibly be changed to work with Zigbee2Mqtt or wifi. Initial analysis and ideas.

Bench power supply

  • Posted 9 September 2018

What is this on my desk ....... could it be? a proper benchpower supply. Yes it is !

Iam back, with a pink hummer toy

  • Posted 1 September 2018

Its been quite some time since I last made an entry. Life got busy and didnt have the time to keep posting.
Many projects came and went I would of liked to have shared with you.
The train set sadly got put away.

One of the more fun projects Im working on is a power wheels conversion/upgrade.